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How to make your jewelry more expensive?

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In addition to the noble jewelry itself, the exquisite packaging of the jewelry box has gradually become one of the factors for consumers to buy.

Purelei’s visual identity is elegant and tropical. Using soft pink as their main color and gold foil, the packaging is also a very clean look.

British jeweler Garrard has launched a new season of jewelry box manufacturer series – “Blaze”, inspired by Garrard’s sapphire engagement ring for Princess Diana of the United Kingdom. brand new design.

The new collection offers 4 different styles of gemstone pairings – fiery red with rubellite, pink sapphire and pink opal; clear blue with sapphire, tanzanite, aquamarine, blue topaz and turquoise ;The vibrant green line is inlaid with green sapphire, green tourmaline, tsavorite and chrysoprase; the pure white line is combined with diamonds, white agate, mother-of-pearl and white opal, natural color change and fire to create vitality .

The new collection is available in pendants, bracelets, rings, stud earrings and more – the most eye-catching rings are the colorful gemstones that you can see in drop, stepped, round and cabochon cuts The shape has excellent visual hierarchy;jewelry box maufacturer the earrings use simple arc lines, and colored gemstones hang naturally like tassels.

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