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The most successful packaging design in the jewelry industry, making people feel that jewelry is also very high-end through the box

The appearance of jewelry packaging is the concept of a brand and its influence on consumers, and it is also a method to realize the value of goods and use value.

Today’s jewelry boxes are mainly based on the packaging shape and color application of the product as the main sales method. Jewelry box is the external image of jewelry and is the first impression left to customers, so it is extremely important to design a good jewelry packaging box.

Jewelry Industry Packaging Design Success Stories

The most successful packaging design case in the jewelry industry can be said to be Tiffany’s little blue box.

Tiffany blue, the most successful color marketing in history. This Tiffany blue has become Tiffany’s unique totem that continues to this day.

Tiffany blue has its own RGB value (a color standard) and CMYK value (printing four-color mode), and also has a special Pantone color number 1837, which happens to be the year Tiffany was established.

But because Tiffany has applied for a color patent, Tiffany blue cannot be found in Pantone’s color matching system, and no one can use it without permission.

After more than 100 years of history, Tiffany Blue has been closely linked with Tiffany. As long as we see Tiffany, we will think of Tiffany Blue, and when we see Tiffany Blue, we know that this is Tiffany.

But the most famous is this little blue box from Tiffany & Co. Be it rings, earrings, necklaces, diamonds or accessories, it will come in such an elegant box tied with a white ribbon.

Tiffany also registered trademarks for “Tiffany Blue Box” and “Tiffany Blue Gift Box”.

At that time, Mr. Charles Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany, laid down the rules that no matter how much customers are willing to pay, the small blue box will never be sold, only with the product. The New York Sun in 1906 also mentioned this in a report.

However, the less you sell it, the more people want it. Although Tiffany prohibits the private sale of blue boxes, they are often sold online for more than $200.

Some people say that Tiffany blue is the most expensive blue in the world. The reason why I say this is not only because Tiffany sells jewelry, nor just because of Tiffany’s huge annual sales, but because Tiffany blue, a refreshing and unique color, gives Tiffany a unique brand connotation and brand. Value, this is a huge inexhaustible intangible wealth.

Many famous brands have their own unique logo colors, such as Coca-Cola Red and Nivea Blue, which both outsell Tiffany & Co., but few would say with admiration that these colors are the most expensive colors in the world.

There are so many jewelry brands in the world, but when it comes to Tiffany, you will still feel that it is different, because in everyone’s mind, Tiffany is not only a jewelry, but also a symbol of romance and a token of love.

Only Tiffany blue has such a magic power, which makes women’s pupils dilate and their hearts speed up when they see it.

Cartier red box is very recognizable

Many brands have their own representative colors and packaging. Cartier’s red box is one of them, exuding elegance and extravagance.

Regarding the origin of the red box, there is a saying that it evolved from the medicine box in the 1970s, but the details were used earlier. In any case, it is highly recognizable and representative, and you will be excited when you see it. enough.

Cartier’s red box is made of leather, lined with ingenuity, usually black, and the Bridal wedding ring series is white, with an octagonal outline, and the gold trim continues the “garland” that the brand has used on jewelry boxes since the 18th century. Or “butterfly” pattern, with the gorgeous feeling of the French court, the snap design shows delicate craftsmanship, gently press the lid, and the jewelry is presented in front of the eyes, what a wonderful picture.

Since 2009, jewelry boxes also pay attention to environmental protection. Cartier uses environmentally friendly materials to create small red boxes. The surface coating is decomposable and plastic-free, so as not to cause harm to the earth.

The most copied four-leaf clover

The luxury Van Cleef & Arpels four-leaf clover series is in an endless stream of fakes in the market. High imitation merchants mainly think that the jewelry price of this series is high and the profit margin is large. Most imitations will not cost too much on the packaging. The outer layer of the genuine Van Cleef & Arpels box is velvet and feels very good, while the general imitation has only a layer of cloth on the outside and some corners in the workmanship. The cloth was not wrapped properly.

Most Mysterious Jeweler: Harry Winston

Harry Winston is known as the most mysterious jeweler, because he never shows up, and only appears in front of the public with a hand holding a rare treasure. This is also one of the most classic photos of Harry Winston. one.

The reason why he never shows up is that the gems he collects are all the top gems in the world, and the risk factor is extremely high, so he cannot show up at the request of the insurance company.

Harry Winston’s ring box is a bit different than other brands’ boxes, the box is bisected from the middle. When it is closed, the middle ring is wrapped well, and the mind is particularly clever.

To enhance the brand image can start from the jewelry packaging design
Knowing the story of the big name, as an ordinary jewelry brand, we first have to package the jewelry and inject culture and emotion into it before putting it on the market.

Jewelry itself is naturally emotionless at first. It needs to go through a series of packaging to make it alive, not only to make it an ornament, but also to make it an emotional sustenance.

Packaging with culture, packaging with emotion, while exploring the selling points of jewelry products, we must dig out its inner cultural connotation, and combine the attractiveness of the appearance with the inner culture to make it easier for consumers to accept.

Jewelry packaging design combines the characteristics of jewelry design, and achieves the protection of jewelry and brand promotion through comprehensive design.

From the whole process of production, processing to application, jewelry packaging design is a comprehensive discipline integrating visual communication design, industrial design, consumer psychology, marketing and other fields.

Jewelry packaging design is based on the protection and beautification of jewelry, safe circulation and convenient storage and transportation. Through precise design positioning and conception, mature technical means and unique art forms, with the help of marketing and consumer psychology skills, improve Consumers’ awareness of jewelry brands will ultimately achieve the increase in jewelry sales and the long-term demand for jewelry brand building.

Whether it is a new brand or an old brand, there will be a sense of incompatibility in the face of the new market mechanism. At this time, a jewelry packaging design company is particularly important. Through it, you can carry out a new positioning and planning of your brand. Packaging, grasp the core The psychological needs of target customers, create your own brand cultural characteristics, so as to improve your sales ability and turnover in daily sales.

How to make jewelry packaging box design quickly attract attention

For the packaging box of jewelry, it not only has the function of protecting the product and conveying the image of the product, but also has the function of improving the grade and added value of the jewelry.

In order to quickly attract the attention of consumers, we need to work hard on the design of jewelry, but also constantly try new methods in the design of packaging boxes. So how can we quickly attract the attention of consumers?

  1. Structural design

The packaging design of the jewelry box, the most basic thing is to consider its structural design, which is its most basic structure.

When designing the structure of the jewelry packaging box, it is necessary to consider:

(1) The grade positioning of jewelry mainly involves the shape design and material selection of the jewelry box. In the packaging of the same grade of jewelry, it should be ensured that the selected materials are the most economical and environmentally friendly;

(2) The characteristics and accessories of the jewelry, mainly related to the box design of the jewelry and the selection of the lining, etc.;

(3) Meet the basic requirements of packaging;

(4) Corresponding packaging test to ensure that the packaging has a certain strength enough to protect the jewelry inside;

(5) Try to use mechanized or semi-mechanized production of jewelry packaging boxes.

  1. Material selection

For jewelry boxes, the most common packaging method is the sky and earth cover.

For the design of the sky and earth cover, the most taboo is that the box cover and the box bottom are recessed inward. Therefore, when selecting materials, you should pay attention to the stiffness of the materials used for the box cover and box bottom. Usually, the materials that can be selected include gray board and fiberboard.

Due to the differences in each material, the corresponding dimensions and specifications will also vary.

  1. Scenario design

With the increasingly fierce competition in jewelry, the design size of jewelry boxes needs to pay more attention to meet the consumer needs and habits of consumers, and flexibly adjust according to the usage scenarios, which has become a new trend in jewelry box design.

For the design of jewelry boxes, it should not only provide a variety of packaging solutions of different sizes that are more considered by consumers’ experience, but also put themselves in the shoes of consumers to consider the matching degree of packaging size with the convenience and comfort of the use scene.

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